With Knowledge comes confidence

Informing and supporting your birth choices. 20 years of insight and experience
Why Calmbirth®?

Calmbirth® practitioners are all trained birth professionals. We are pioneers in childbirth education. We focus on the mind-body connection in birth using evidence-based, contemporary science and include the emotional and mental as well as physical aspects of birth. We work closely with partners or birth support people, understanding they have an integral part in the process. Calmbirth® is taught and recognised throughout Australia as the leading preferred method of mind-body birth education. 


My husband and I attended a Calm Birth workshop with Jenny and it helped immensely during both my subsequent births. Jenny has years of practical midwifery knowledge which she blends seamlessly with meditation techniques and women's wisdom. I highly recommend this course to couples who want to prepare for birth - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What is Calmbirth® All About?

Birth has the potential to be a transformative experience. This positive aspect of the birth process is sometimes overlooked because of the fear and uncertainty that surrounds it.


Jenny can help you by showing you how the birth process happens, how your mind can influence it and how your partner or birth support person can be your advocate.  With her warm and engaging manner, Jenny gently guides you through, helping you to identify what we can do to help the birth and parenting process in a positive way.


What is a Calmbirth® class like?

In a  group atmosphere, classes are directed in a way that encompass all variations of thought, ideas and includes fears (if you have any).  Any question is okay.  


What’s different about Calmbirth® to other antenatal classes?

Calmbirth® gives you tools for birth. It opens you up to new ways of looking at birth that YouTube and various other realities may not provide for you.  



Calmbirth® is an easy and uncomplicated class held over two days.  It is a time for couples to spend together and learn as a team how to prepare for birth and parenting.



A strong component of the program is about understanding that together with your partner or birth support person you are a team and Jenny explains how that team works together to achieve the best outcome for you and your baby.


Calmbirth® is a growth course.  It will unlock the inner resources that you already have, ready for any situation that may arise in birth.  It is your choice what you do with those resources and Jenny will guide you in finding the confidence to bring these to the forefront when needed.


Jenny has a manner that is intimate, open and informed about birth.  In essence, the class becomes a conversation.  Jenny answers all those questions that you have about negotiating the system and about finding ways that feel right for you whatever the outcome.