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What is Calmbirth® All About?

Birth has the capacity to be a transformative experience


This potential is sometimes overlooked by the natural fear and uncertainty that may occur as you are preparing for your child to come into the world. Fear is a very natural response, however, it doesn't always have to be the case Calmbirth® classes offer you an opportunity to explore different systems of birth and how you can negotiate your partnerships, thoughts and feelings, and most importantly your body wherever you may choose to give birth. 

These ideas will be explored in a  group setting for two days, where couples will spend this time together and learn as a team how to prepare for birth and parenting. There is an ease to Calmbirth® classes that is unique to the practice due to on its emphasis on a healthy mind-body relationship during birth. 

What’s different about Calmbirth® to other antenatal classes?


Calmbirth® gives you tools for birth. It opens you up to new ways of looking at birth that YouTube and various other realities may not provide for you.  


Unlike other birth education Calmbirth® has a strong emphasises a togetherness. Togetherness with your body, your mind, your partner and your baby. Calmbirth® understands that working alongside with all these components will make you more confident, assured and stronger in your birthing experience. We will help you achieve the best outcome for you and your baby physically, psychologically and emotionally, whatever the circumstances.


Calmbirth® is a growth course.  It will highlight  the inner resources and how you can access those resources. You are the person giving birth and you want those around you to know what they are doing and what questions to ask, so that you have the freedom to feel safe and empowered. 

Why Jenny? 


Jenny is an educated and experienced  midwife. She has been working as a registered midwife for 23 years and has been a Calmbirth® practitioner for 14 years.  She studied midwifery in Scotland and then attained a Masters in Midwifery in Australia.  Scotland was then considered to have the best midwifery course  in the world


Having worked in the Australian health system for so long Jenny can help  illustrate the many avenues birth has to offer. Giving you the necessary information so you may make your own decisions.  This makes Jenny's classes intimate, open and informed. Jenny answers all those questions that you have about negotiating the system and about finding ways that feel right for you. That is right for your body, your baby and the people you love.

What is calm birth
Why Calmbirth®?

Calmbirth® practitioners are all trained birth professionals. We are pioneers in childbirth education. We focus on the mind-body connection in birth using evidence-based, contemporary science and include the emotional and mental as well as physical aspects of birth. We work closely with partners or birth support people, understanding they have an integral part in the process. Calmbirth® is taught and recognised throughout Australia as the leading preferred method of mind-body birth education. 


My husband and I attended a Calm Birth workshop with Jenny and it helped immensely during both my subsequent births. Jenny has years of practical midwifery knowledge which she blends seamlessly with meditation techniques and women's wisdom. I highly recommend this course to couples who want to prepare for birth - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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